Firefox OS for mobile gets Reinforcement from Twitter


Twitter empowered Firefox OS for mobile. On February 25th, Mozila Mozilla announced in Mobile World Congress 2013 that 18 mobile operators from around the world will support Firefox OS, its new mobile operating system that takes advantage of the power of the web.

Twitter announced that when the Firefox OS devices begin to ship, official twitter application will be available in the Firefox Marketplace.

Twitter explained that Twitter for Firefox OS has a rich interface, featuring the Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs, as well as the search and compose Tweet icons, so you can easily find and send Tweets from anywhere in the app.

Manuel Deschamps, Staff Engineer in Twitter, posted that Twitter team is excited about the future of Firefox OS, and look forward to phones shipping with support for our new Twitter app.

Twitter now support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Nokia s40. Twitter is not supporting Bada OS or TIZEN OS at this point. So it will be an empowerment for Firefox OS.

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