How do players approach on big data?


There are 3 types of business development approach in the big data analysis firms. There will be more. If you find some more business model please send an email to me.

1. Finding answers from the database, it is the way of big data analysis business

The business of the big data analysis starts from the unstructured database that has been made from many parts. Let’s see some examples. The ID information from the airport and the crime report can be good examples for the pile of unstructured database. Before the big data analysis business rose up, the public organization just piled up the information.

A firm started the business with this information. Right now FBI and CIA are their major customers. They help their customers find the right answers from the tool of big data analysis. For them, big data analysis business is giving the right tool and questionnaire to customers for the right answers.

2. Providing the analysis solution itself for big data

If first case was for the outcome of big data analysis, this case comes out as the big data analysis tool itself. They are focusing on the analysis so they don’t know how the customers’ actions come out. They just keep focus on analyzing the log information and database.

So these business model has core competency as the ability of analyzing. Splunk is the best case.

3. Focus on the graphic result of big data analysis

These kinds of business focus on how to show it as info-graphic. As a customer you can just focus on how to use the result.

Core competency for this kind of model is to show easily the result of big data analysis. is not the model which accrue the revenue. But there are some start-ups in the valley who are preparing it as stealth mode.

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