A new rival is coming for AWS: Google Compute Engine


Google Compute Engine (as of “GCE) is now generally available from 1st week of December. Google has already has its product line-up in cloud products such as Google Apps and Google App Engine for Enterprise customers. But GCE is another meaning for the entire industry. Google becomes the player with all kinds of cloud products, from infrastructure as a service to software as a service.

Google executive Greg DeMichillie says: It confirms the company’s internal and external commitment to GCE. That means this product shall be sustainable in the Google product line-up.

In the IaaS Cloud Market there are already big 3 players that provides the similar service like GCE; Amazon Web Service, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure. Some analyze this market landscape shall be the war between Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. However even Microsoft pushes its cloud products Azure, the company has its legacy market share and relationship in the legacy enterprise customers. Therefore I would like to focus the story focusing on GCE and AWS.

GCE now supports any Linux OS type, and natively offers RHEL and SUSE Linux. The company also rolled out live migration of virtual machines, meaning customers doesn’t have to shut down their VMs when Google updates the software or hardware. Still compared with AWS, GCE does not support Windows Server OS.

GCE is just part of Google’s arsenal of cloud computing products. The product includes Google Application Engine, PaaS along with various SQL and NoSQL storage options and big data analytics tools like its BigQuery. Compared with GCE, AWS has ElasticMap Reduce as its product regarding GCE, its Hadoop on-demand service. AWS also has Kenesis, its real-time data analytics platform for short-term analytics jobs.

The partnership is slightly different at this moment. GCE just provides partners’ website and the list by the products such as storage, database, and etc. Contrast to GCE, AWS has its own marketplace, AWS Marketplace. You can integrate your bill into one AWS account and use the solutions on AWS by hourly. SAP HANA is one of the representative solutions that are provided on AWS.

Then how shall the competitive landscape be performed? AWS is already expanding its business target from and with public cloud sector to private cloud. The CIA cloud infrastructure by AWS is the best example of this strategic direction. Then Microsoft and IBM need to fight with the new and strong IT giant, AWS.

GCE shall compete with the public cloud market with AWS, mostly the target customer shall be the start-ups. Google announce on its official blog that In the past few months, customers like Snapchat, Cooladata, Mendelics, Evite and Wix have built complex systems on Compute Engine.

On the next article, I shall be writing on the price plan and the technical specs of GCE comparing with AWS. Another war between the giants is on the beginning.

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