Samsung talks to BlackBerry about $7.5 billion buyout – Rumour


Samsung Electronics recently offered to buy Blackberry ltd for as much as $7.5billion by the report of Reuter today. Samsung proposed an initial price range of $13.35 to $14.49 per share, representing a premium of 39 percent to 60 percent […]

Xiaomi Redmi 2 is here

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Xiaomi announced today that it unveiled its newest entry-level phone: the Redmi 2. The Redmi 2 keeps much of the original model’s ingredients. It has the same 4.7-inch, 1280 x 720 display, but under the hood there’s an upgraded Qualcomm […]

Uber faces war with Seoul

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Uber technology is now facing war with Seoul metropolitan government. The press reportedly had reported the rumor that Seoul will give anyone who reports a case of an unlicensed driver carrying paying customers up to 1 million won (a little […]

Samsung, the hand of Minus in Software Engineering

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Samsung is positioning themselves as “The hand of Minus” in Software industry, even with 40,500 in-house engineers. Samsung told to the press that ChatOn will be discontinued on 1 February 2015 everywhere except the US. It will then shut down […]

“SafeBoda” – Like Uber but Universal Uber


The demand on the safe and convenient public transportation always exists everywhere. That is why Uber or Halio are popular in the developed countries for the citizens. Then what about the developing countries such as Uganda? Yesterday, I have written […]

Start-ups in Africa -Uganda

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Dear readers! Long time no see since the last post on “Growth Hacker”. Techrux team has been busy preparing other stuffs. And now we are back with the story from Africa based on my business trip to Kampala Uganda. Many […]

Daum Communication Acquires Kakao

daum kakao

Daum Communication (As of “Daum”), one of the largest portal website in South Korea, acquires Kakao. Kakao is the dominant mobile messenger in South Korean market. Daum shall rename Kakao as “Daum Kakao” and shall finish its deal by October […]

What is “Growth Hacker”?


If a start-up company wants to compete with the big players, what should they do? Should they pay for the advertisement on the legacy publishers like television, or newspaper, or the board on the street? Absolutely not. A start-up company […]

The Sharing Economy: A hidden Big Bucks in your house.


Recently ABC news reported on the sharing economy. ‘The sharing economy’ can make you big bucks. Let me tell you why. Let’s say that there is an old retired man who loves dog. If he signs up for Dog Vacay […]

Apple Opens OS X Beta Testing To All Users

Apple Mavericks Beta

If you are a Mac user, you can try the latest beta of OSX even you don’t have developers ID. This is a major change for Apple, as it brings the OS X beta-testing process more in-line with the practices […]

The Ara Project: The Beginning of Google and Samsung Competition

Ara Smartphone Device

Frienemy. It is the word that describes exact situation in the tech industry. Now the story begins from Google and Samsung Electronics. Samsung contributed to expand the market penetration of Android of Google. However from January 2015, hardware (Samsung)-software(Google) alliance […]

Mothership : New Apple Campus shows on the Youtube


Apple has posted a new video of their oddly-shaped UFO headquarters, this time focusing on eco-friendliness. Moreover the video explains how Steve Jobs’ originally expressed ideas about sustainability and environmental design. This shows the new concept of the new Apple […]

Cloud Computing Market in Korea: Pros and Con


While US government is adopting government cloud as a public cloud service, the cloud adoption rate in Korea is under 50%, public cloud 29% and private cloud is 42%. There are a lot of start-ups in Korea under the “Creative […]

A brief introduction on Instagram.

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This post is on the introduction of Instagram features and business model. You can enjoy the slides by Techrux TM. For more details on the messenger service, please read the article here. Mobile Messenger with Photograph: A New Battlefield

Mobile Messenger with Photograph: A New Battlefield

mobile messenger

Photograph-centric mobile messenger service market is becoming battlefield for social media service providers. Facebook has added photograph sharing functions to its messenger features and Twitter added its direct message features. Instagram direct is positioning as a messenger. Then why are […]

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