Cloud Computing Market in Korea: Pros and Con


While US government is adopting government cloud as a public cloud service, the cloud adoption rate in Korea is under 50%, public cloud 29% and private cloud is 42%. There are a lot of start-ups in Korea under the “Creative […]

A brief introduction on Instagram.

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This post is on the introduction of Instagram features and business model. You can enjoy the slides by Techrux TM. For more details on the messenger service, please read the article here. Mobile Messenger with Photograph: A New Battlefield

Mobile Messenger with Photograph: A New Battlefield

mobile messenger

Photograph-centric mobile messenger service market is becoming battlefield for social media service providers. Facebook has added photograph sharing functions to its messenger features and Twitter added its direct message features. Instagram direct is positioning as a messenger. Then why are […]

VKontakte! The Russian centric Social Media


In the last 6 month of 2013, I have been in Ukraine for the business development. In the restaurants or coffee shops, Ukrainians were accessing a Facebook like application that was called as VKontakte (Russian: ВКонтакте, literally “in contact”). On […]

BigQuery vs. MapReduce: What is the difference?

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Sometimes if you are using analytics tool, you might have heard about BigQuery and MapReduce. Both solutions are fundamentally different technology with different users’ case. Let’s check it out.  1. Definitions and features BigQuery can be defined as Query service for the large dataset […]

Kakao is on the process to acquire No.3 Mobile Application market

M&A Kakao T Store

Kakao is ongoing process to acquire T Store that is owned and operated by SK Planet in South Korea. Moneytoday( reported the news as exclusive today. By the source from M&A fields in S.Korea, both companies started the negotiation from […]

A new rival is coming for AWS: Google Compute Engine


Google Compute Engine (as of “GCE) is now generally available from 1st week of December. Google has already has its product line-up in cloud products such as Google Apps and Google App Engine for Enterprise customers. But GCE is another […]

How do the big IT giants approach mobile payment?

Mobile Payment

Finance players, telecommunication players, and Internet service providers are always talking about the mobile payment. Every player is talking and shipping its application and the features. The cases are various. On this article, Techrux team would like to focus on […]

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